Easy Blueberry Pancakes

As many of you know I am a vegan and have been for several years.  If you are unfamiliar with what veganism is, it means I eat no animal or animal derivatives (meat, dairy, eggs, honey, dyes, gelatin etc. etc.)  As well I chose to avoid using everyday products that contain animal or are tested on animals.  The number one question I get from friends and followers on instagram is how I manage to be a vegan and what I eat.  The food section of my blog will be dedicated to recipes (some easy, some more time consuming), how I manage food preparation, and tips on healthy eating.  Occasionally I may review vegan products.

But let us get to it.

I have never loved heavy breakfast foods, normally I eat fruit and tea for breakfast but these pancakes are simple, delicious and can be made from ingredients you already have in your pantry and fridge.


stuff and food

You will need:

1 cup flour (whatever flour your heart desires)

3 tbsp. sugar

1 tbsp. baking powder

1 cup non dairy milk


pinch of salt

How to make a good solid pancake:

I start by heating the oven to 300 (just warm enough).  While I am making the stack I like to keep the older pancakes warm.  Next I coat a frying pan with a layer of non-stick coconut spray and heat over medium low to medium heat while I prepare the dry ingredients.  I prefer using coconut spray to oil or butter whenever possible.


coconut sprays 15 minutes of fame

I used barley flour to make these cakes.  Any flour can be used but what I have learned is different flours require different amounts of milk.  The measurements in the ingredients list should never be strictly adhered to.  I have found in cooking the recipe is a general guideline.  Tweak as needed.  Barley flour requires a bit more milk.  I do not measure milk out, instead I slowly add it to the dry ingredients until I get a consistency that can pour out of the bowl but is not too runny.  Runny pancakes are blah.  A bazillion different kinds of flours can be found in the refrigerated section of Vitamin Cottage or a similar health food store and are reasonably priced.  Explore your flours.


sick milk pouring action

After you have reached desired consistency add the batter to the pan.  You are in control my friend.  You decide the size of your pancake.  If you do not go overboard this recipe should make about 3-4 smaller sized cakes.  The pan should be heated up.  You want to reach that golden brown pancake perfection.  Don’t be like me and forget they are cooking or you’ll be eatin’ a burned mess!  I add the blueberries after I pour the batter into the pan.  In my opinion it is better than adding the blueberries to the batter and then pouring.  Personal style if you will.  Today I used frozen blueberries because I only eat fresh when they are in season.


dropin’ in hot

Stack your pancakes and cover in syrup.  I add a little bit of vegan Earth Balance olive oil butter to the top of each one.  I love Earth Balance products.  They are an all vegan company who make excellent substitutes.  Today I used Blueberry Agave pancake syrup which I do not like but need to use up.  I like the brand Madhava but prefer the regular maple syrup flavor.  Pair with some fruit and you have yourself a quick Sunday morning breakfast anytime!





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