Hello friends and welcome to the world according to halfpint!

Some would say (and have) that I am bat shit crazy, and they are probably right, but if you ever have the opportunity to check out for 10 weeks, take it, run with it, and plan something simply epic.

For three years I have worked three jobs, put blood, sweat, and tears into maintaining a 4.0 in engineering school (okay not blood unless you count that paper cuts, but sweat, tears, and a lot of frustration…screw you calculus based physics II), and managed to run, climb, and adventure on a regular basis.  I am finally transfering to Colorado School of Mines, losing two of my jobs, and my summer is void of classes.  So I did what any sane person would do, quit my third job and gave myself a hall pass.

October 18th, 2014…. I innocently enough rolled my ankle coming down Mount Wilcox in the front range.  Things snowballed out of control, as I did not listen to doctors, never properly rehabbed, and continued to run like I was not injured.  I was injured, and a second and then third roll of the same ankle landed me in a walking boot for four weeks.  The extent of the sprain and the amount of scarring turned my plans to psychotically run every mountain in Colorado and extensively race all summer upside down.  There was simply no way around this injury, no way to side skirt it, no amount of strength training or rehab to do, no shoe, no treatment, no magic pill, no compression sock strong enough, no cortisone shot deep enough….the answer is simple….it has to heal.

Four words no trail runner wants to hear, “it has to heal.”  I am impatient and always on the move, so the universe decided to hand me a platter of patience with a side of stillness.  As I see it I have two options, hate life and fall into a deep depression or adapt. Obviously, I choose the latter.  I strongly believe the universe gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it, and whether it be a positive or negative depends on how you choose to deal with it.  There’s an age old saying, something about making lemonade out of lemons, either way, I like lemons.

If you cannot adapt, the internal struggle will eat away at your positivity until there is nothing left except a big pile of pitty party and that is not my style.  For years I have wanted to hit the road and explore California and the Pacific Northwest.  The idea is to live minimally and see it all.  I want to read books on far away beaches.  I want to take beautiful well thought out photos (I got myself a dslr, Nikon D3100 and I am learning how to shoot in manual).  I want to watch the sun set from ocean cliffes.  I want to see if I can travel the country for an entire summer living out of my tiny car.  I want pure unadultrated adventure.

So back to this summer and this blog.  I thought it would be fun to have a place to explore my creative writing side.  I have always enjoyed writing and photography and now I have a fancy blog and a fancy camera so….ready, set, go!  For now this will be a place I share my favorite vegan recipes, my photography, and my adventures as I gear up for an interesting summer.  I am currently working on putting together a piece about my car transformation and the planning of a long road trip.  Stay tuned!



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  1. Great job with your ride, Kay. Winnebago had better look out – you might be onto something with your Honda Motorhome! You are going to have an “excellent adventure” in the PNW and I’m sure we will all enjoy taking the ride with you! I know that I will ..Jay..

  2. This was pretty awesome to read. Ty and I have slept in the back of our SUV on the 22 hour trips to Maine. We tried not to stay in hotels. I have to say we probably should have had a mattress or something like you engineered. We do have our camping stuff but it was always in Maine. That looked like a fun project. Also loved your blueberry pancake recipe. I make blueberry pancakes every Sunday morning here. Maine blueberries are quite good. Kim you are enjoying life and that is so nice to see. From Mom as always be careful, enjoy and have fun. I loved reading this

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