Pimp My Ride: Phase II ~ Interior Decorating

So I officially took too large a bite out of the apple of life.  I have eighteen million activities I am involved in and zero free time.  The blog is suffering but this is one that needs to go live before I leave on the first leg of my adventure.  If you shall recall, weeks ago, I tore my two door Honda civic to shreds and built a bed inside of it.  If you do not recollect, I suggest reading this.

It took me about five minutes driving around to realize there were some pressing issues.  First off the bed was sliding all over the place.  Easy fix:  I went to Home Depot and bought two four foot long bungee cords and attached them to the front of the bed (part in back seat) and some super conveniently located secure knobs in the trunk…it’s as if Honda knew I was coming.  Problem solved, bed stays put and I can still lift both ends up to access storage.

The second issue was the four legs holding the back seat section up were spinning and flailing about.  Another easy fix.  I reinforced each leg with two “L” brackets.  This was more of a forearm workout then I anticipated, but did the trick.  I guess I won’t REALLY know until I start sleeping on it but I have spare parts if a fix is necessary.

I love sleep, it may be my favorite activity.  It’s easy to say, “I’m going to live in my car for 10 weeks and sleep on a thin piece of foam,” but deep down I knew I needed a real mattress.  I began the unpleasant task of ripping out the foam that Meredith and I stapled down.  I was so glad we used 5,000 staples as I lay precariously wedged feet in back seat, head in trunk, popping staples out of the wood with a butter knife.

ripping out foam

so much fun

Guess what?  There is no mattress in existence that fits the exact specs of halfpint’s trunk bed.  So I ordered this guy and channeled my inner ghetto rigging skills.  Luckily it had a zipper and I was able to open it up and cut it to meet my needs.

File Apr 26, 2 02 21 PM

File Apr 26, 2 02 43 PM

I then zipped it back up and safety pinned the excess flab.

File Apr 26, 2 03 10 PM

File Apr 26, 2 04 06 PM

Next on the list was lighting.  I knew I wanted soft lighting for the back seat so I could do stuff and things without draining the car battery or having to deal with a lantern or head lamp.  I found some really nice LED battery operated globes on lights.com.  They last 90 hours on two AA batteries which is most likely enough for the entire trip. I reunited with my staple gun.


party lights

party lights

File Apr 26, 2 06 34 PM

File Apr 26, 2 07 02 PMCurtains were the biggest issue.  A girl needs some privacy.  Also I am a vampire and sleep in a completely blacked out room at home.  I searched high and low for a rear window cover and two side window blockers but came up empty handed.  And then BOOM, it hit me, magnets.  I bought some sticky magnet tape, some circular magnets, and some vampire black fabric and designed custom window magnet curtains.  I cannot sow so Meredith stepped in and made it happen (love you girl)!

File May 14, 11 50 08 AM

mer Mer

the lovely Meredith

boom cat


I still needed a privacy curtain to separate the front of the car from the back.  This led to many ridiculous attempts at jamming a shower curtain rod between the two sides of the car.  Fail, fail, fail.  Finally I decided on a curtain rod that I could staple to the roof.  The jury is still out on if this will hold up.

File Apr 28, 12 20 21 AM

402 2After the test trip through the South I may pull it out and staple fabric directly to the ceiling, but I think you need to see out the rear view or something.

I then shifted my attention to details. I bought a shoe organizer, cut it up, and attached it to the passenger seat.  Makes for a great place to put stuff I don’t want to lose and need easy access to.

File Apr 26, 3 48 57 PM

I also bought a patio chair cushion to appease my ass.

File Apr 26, 3 49 26 PM

I found a small rechargeable fan on Amazon.

File May 14, 11 59 45 AM

Having long hair is great but incredibly hard to keep clean and tame.  I am not one of those girls who “does their hair,” so my collection of head bands, buffs, and hats is extensive.  I bent up and old hanger and made a holder for all my dirty hair hiders.

File May 14, 3 46 10 PM

I then put together an “emergency kit” that sits in the trunk underneath the bed with the full size spare tire.  The things that I think can save my life, my car’s life, or prevent any major delays in the trip are: a water filter, duct tape, malleable copper wire, vice grips, a flat head screw driver, a Phillips head screw driver, the stuff to change a tire, a piece of wood to help support a jack if I need to change the tire on mushy ground, jumper cables, para cord, carabineers, more para cord, a staple gun, flares, matches, a lighter, a sowing kit, hydrogen peroxide, a tarp, bungee cords, a hunting knife, band-aids, ace bandage, butterfly stitches and the like.  I think that covers it and I am positive if need be, I could make things happen with those ingredients.

Well that is a wrap and I am off to see the world (and by world I mean the western half of continental United States)!!!


peace out homies



Pimp My Ride: Phase II ~ Interior Decorating — 5 Comments

  1. Hey! We met today on Franklin Mountains, Ron Coleman trail. I wish you the best of luck with your continued journey!! The car looks great. Very smart.

    ~Beth from Las Cruces

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  3. Oh my gosh! We traveled around for a couple months in a 4 door civic. Aside from the first night (curled up uncomfortably in the front seats because the back was packed full) we mostly camped, but having the option to sleep in the car is always great.

    This is giving me all sorts of ideas! Who needs a van when you have a reliable old honda 🙂

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