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There is nothing more important then the gear one chooses to tackle adventure.  Whether you are trail running, mountain biking, mountaineering, snow shoeing, backpacking, camping, or even road tripping, you need stuff.  Without a doubt the most important “stuff” is that which holds hydration for a day(s) of exploration.  As humans we can survive some time without food (well I can’t) but water, now that is a different story.  I have tried every bladder on the market.  Osprey breaks.  Camelback is expensive.  But Cenote is perfection and local to Boulder, Colorado.  I fully support local.

First check them out here

The only time I don’t carry a pack is if I am on local trail runs under 10 miles and the temperature is below 65 degrees.  Any other time, I need water and I do not like carrying hand held water bottles as they make my hands go numb.  I also prefer having free hands.  I have every type of pack from minimalist to full on winter mountaineering and the Cenote hydration system fits in most.  Cenote hydration comes in two sizes; 2 liter and 3 liter.  The 2 liter is perfect for day trips into the high country or back packing.  The 3 liter is a good size for longer winter mountaineering adventures.  I do wish they made a 1 liter that fit into my minimalist Nathans vapor trail running pack.

What I really like about Cenote bladders is the price.  They are inexpensive and of very good quality.  For example you can get a 3 pack of 2L bladders for $23.99.  This means put whatever you would like into the bladder: red bull, sports drinks, beer, tequila, chocolate milk……

They are also the only recyclable hydration system on the market.  If you know me, you know how important this is.  If you are too lazy to drop your used up bladder into a recycling bin then upon request Cenote will send you pre-postmarked packaging and do it for you.  Now that is the level of commitment I like to see!  It is important to support companies that share your values.

Cenote bladders are easy to use.  There are only two parts: the bladder and the [cap, hose, and bite valve].  The bladder is very easy to fill and the cap very easy to screw on.  I know this sounds silly but I used to fear putting on my Osprey bladder cap.  If it was not threaded perfectly it ended up slowly leaking into my pack throughout the day (this happened on more then one occasion).


Don’t judge my dirty sink.


Don’t judge my dirty floor.

I also really like that the cap part comes completely off of the bladder.  This feature makes the bladder easier to fill and easier to dry which prevents mold build up.

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Cenote spares no quality when it comes to the bite valve.  It is thick and beefy and easily locks into the on and off positions.  I have also had problems with leaky Osprey bite valves.  I tend to chew mine to total destruction.  It is as if Cenote knows exactly who their audience is.

Bite valve

On position.

Lastly, I love the three hole feature at the top of the bladder.  Mostly all of my packs have a feature that can utilize these holes to secure the bladder.  Or I can hang it from a tree while I am camping and funnel beers because who doesn’t like climbing mountains hung over?

Millet pack

Cozy in my Millet Pack.

And they send you a rad postcard with your order telling you they will check in with you and make sure you like the system.  How many companies do that?


I have hiked many a time with my Cenote hydration system and I LOVE it. Once again go check out their website here. I highly recommend giving them a try. I am a customer for life.

5 stars out of 5 stars

Gold star


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